The Ninth Wave – Ode to Nature 2020

Sound Art and Room-Installation
Music, Noise- and 

Gedicht einer Zelle (Poem of a Cell) — 2017

Sound- and 3-Channel-Video Installation
Soundscapes, Music and
“Living Paintings”

Living Colors — 2017

Performance by
Noriko Kura and Stefan Winter

Vor Der Stille (Before the Silence) — 2014

Sound Art and Room Installation
with 13 record players
in 13 cells

Die Weinende - Weinende (The Weeping Woman) — 2014

Moving Sculptur
with Noise and
Sound Art

On the Path of Death and Life — 2013

Sound- and 3-Channel-Videoinstallation
with Soundscapes
Noises and Music

Hearsay of the Soul — 2012

Video Installation by Werner Herzog
Music by Ernst Reijseger
Sound Installation by Stefan Winter

Wanderung (Rambling) — 2011

with record players and
tape recorders

Kastanienball — 2004

The Fall of Lucrezia Borgia
with Video and Sound Installation