Living Colors – Information


Noriko Kura and Stefan Winter
Living Colors — 2017

Color-Room- and 1-Channel Video-Installation
Living Colors
Live sound and music performance
Stefan Winter soundscapes, turntables
Fumio Yasuda piano
Joachim Badenhorst saxophone, clarinet

Heineken Jazz Festival
San Sebastian
July 22nd, 2017

Sound-Color-Room- and 1-Channel Video-Installation
Living Colors
whiteBOX, Munich
March 2017

The performance artist and painter Noriko Kura and the sound artist Stefan Winter take on the role of a living work of art at whiteBOX in Munich.
Noriko Kura and Stefan Winter will interact with one another during the performance. Their actions will merge into one as the artists and their work become indistinguishable from one another. Watch as living colors, bodies and sounds spontaneously appear as if from nothing. These are moments of origin, of a new dawn and of a new beginning. The two artists will wander freely about the room without even a hint of choreography. That what will emerge will emanate naturally from the situation and be defined by the moment. Movement, cause and effect. The performance will be punctuated with individual fragments of music from the composer Fumio Yasuda, and the soundscape will primarily consist of the sounds of nature: waves, rain, streams, rivers, oceans – or in other words, the sounds of water in all their manifestations. The whiteBOX audience will witness an unrestrained act of creation. This performance will be immortalized in the “Living Colors” video artwork. Gernot Aschoff will be in charge of the film’s camerawork and visuals, while Stefan Winter will take on the role of director and producer.

The Living Colors project will be held in conjunction with the “Body & Space” series of events at whiteBOX. Inspired by the rapidly evolving Werksviertel district which it calls home, whiteBOX has designed various projects to investigate the relationship between people and space – both in an individual and societal context – while simultaneously exploring the ins and outs of personal and collective creative freedom, boundaries and crossing the line.