The Ninth Wave – Ode to Nature – Information

The Ninth Wave — Ode to Nature  — 2020
Sound Art and Room Installation
Music, Noise- and Video-Art 
A symphony by Stefan Winter out of noise, fabulous sounds, live music and experimental film about the beauty of nature and the tragedy of mankind. Adapted Beethovenian music fills the room, noises evoke memories, fantasy inducing images appear on the body of a female sculpture, coming to life, living through nine allegories [creation, finiteness, beauty, forlornness, flight, search, powerlessness, hatred, desolation].
Images and sounds tell of water and air, insignificant, but elementary to the origin of our being, of Elysium (of the island of the blessed), of perfect happiness, of the Styx (of the river of horror), of the waterfall of blood-red tears in the green rainforest, of the shadows of the dead bodies in the desert sand, of the raft with lost people on the open sea, of the fall of the blue planet and the awakening of love. 
Written and directed by Stefan Winter / Composition: Fumio Yasuda

Musicians of the world premiere in Tokyo:
Piano for four Hands: Ferhan and Ferzan Oender / Improvised Piano: Fumio Yasuda / Clarinet: Joachim Badenhorst / Bass Clarinet: Gareth Davis / Viola: Tetsuya Hayashi / Viola: Mari Adachi / Art of Noise and Sound: Aki Tsujita / Art of Noise and Sound: Ichiro Hosoya
Filminstallation  — Dance, Choreography, Allegories: Aki Tsujita
Wanderers: Aisha Ibrahim and Stefan Winter / Body in Red Dress in Flotsam: Latifa Were
Boat People on the Raft and Corpses in the Deserted Land: Aisha Ibrahim, Latifa Were, Ahmed Adam, Ridhwan Kiluwash, Saidi Makame, Mbamba, Ridhwan Mohamed, Saidi Mpakarangi, Selemani Shabani, Babu Ali Suleiman, Najim Suleiman 

Director of Photography: Gernot Aschoff
First Camera Assistant: Florian Epple
Additional Camera: Stefan Winter
Filmstudio: Screencraft, Munich, Germany
Film Editing: Lena Flecke, B.O.A. Videofilmkunst, Munich, Germany
Post-Production, Color Grading: Marcus Adam, Scanwerk, Munich, Germany

Producer for Neue Klangkunst: Mariko Takahashi
Funded by Spring Festival in Tokyo, BTHVN2020, Foundation Kagel-Burghardt, Kulturstiftung Stadtsparkasse München, Verein Ausstellungshaus für christliche Kunst, Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München, Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst.