Vor Der Stille (Before the Silence) – Information


Stefan Winter
Vor Der Stille (Before the Silence) — 2014

13 vinyls / 13 record players / 13 sound cells / 1 surround sound installation

Stefan Winter realizes with »Vor der Stille« (Before the Silence) sound pictures that do not rely on musical composition or background music but on fragments of environmental sounds, auditory scraps and attentive listening. He travels with his partner Mariko Takahashi around the world. They explore remote forests, faraway shores, and urban areas to collect sounds. Winter creates sound stories, which work without images and trust the narrative power of tones. In 13 sound cells desire, loss, and abandonment can be auditorily experienced.

The sounds of the universe open up in the white space of the Rathausgalerie. Almost far away, nearly imperceptibly quiet, galactic sound worlds break with gigantic waves of the Pacific.

13 white sound cells are situated in the portico like stops on the way. The figure 13 represents change and upheaval. One can enter the sell through an oval opening. In the darkness of the cells resound 13 soundscapes
Mother Earth | The Apple | The Twilight of the Gods | The Autodafé | Diana’s Bath | The Night | The falling Giant Tree | In the Summer Wind | The Pendulum | A Suicide | Breathing | The 108 Desires | The Message in a Bottle
The individual recording situations end in silence.

Curator: Johannes Muggenthaler, Kulturreferat der Stadt München
October / November 2014

Supported by Stiftung Kagel-Burghardt
Dorothea Assig & Dorothee Echter, Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg, Thiemo Brüll & Dieter Münch, Markus Conrad, Ingvild & Stephan Goetz, Michael Haentjes, Werner Herzog, Holzzentrum Westend München, Walter Lichte, Dr. Claudine Perlet, Jean-Pierre Rousseau, Charles Schumann, Barbara Sukowa & Robert Longo, Dr. phil. Jochen Wagner, Dr. Stephan Zoller
Thanks to Dual (Record players), Duophonic (Vinyls), Nubert (Loudspeakers)