Wanderung (Rambling)


Stefan Winter
Wanderung (Rambling) — 2011

Sound Sculpture Installation

Sound tubes manufactured of aluminium
Analog record players (in replay mode)
4 x 4 (16 tape recorders) Nagra (at the Installation in Munich)
10 amplifiers and 10 mono loudspeakers

In Thoughts of Alma Rosé
During ten days Stefan Winter walked with a microphone and a mini Nagra tape recorder through central Europe, from Vienna to Auschwitz-Birkenau. On this pilgrimage, Winter recorded 10 acoustic polaroids. The path led through towns and villages, on country roads and farm paths, along railroad tracks, across frozen fields and barren vineyards. In his luggage was a small, colorful, portable children’s cassette recorder, used to bring back memories from Vienna. When the mono recordings remain unchanged, these arise as acoustic polaroids, played afterwards in endless loops and with rotating records (vinyl).

An installation made of pipes crosses the room. These pipes end into a funnel, similar to a gramophone horn or a »failsafe communication system« for the engine room on an old ship.

The center of the object is constituted of analog tape recorders and record players. Tape recorders, magnetic tapes, cables and amplifiers are piled up. This installation is connected with the sound tubes, which are the source for the tones produced.

Part I : Life
Part II : Farewell
Part III : Fear
Part IV : Rambling
Part V : Rhythm
Part VI : Sounds
Part VII : Celebration of the Dead
Part VIII : Joy and Happiness
Part IX : Blowing away
Part X : Night

Overall design, sound object, acoustic polaroids: Stefan Winter
Manufacturer of the sound tubes: Stefan Polenz
Neon art (Installation Beck Munich): Myra Brooklyn
Sound engineer: Philipp Heck
Mirror coating: Jürgen Blach

Stefan Winter’s WALK from Vienna to Auschwitz, February 2011
(Photos: Stefan Winter)

WANDERUNG was commissioned by: Ludwig Beck, Munich, Germany

Ludwig Beck, Munich, Germany, April — May 2011
(Photos: Regine Heiland, Jürgen Lorenz)

Le Rocher de Palmer, Bordeaux, France, October — November 2013
(Photos: Musiques de Nuit, Winter & Winter)